“Allow me to introduce myself”

Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

One of the things that I do every year (and aim to do every month) is write down a to-do list. I check in on my progress at the beginning of a new month, update my goals, make changes, and add new ones. It keeps me accountable, and there’s just a certain je me sais quoi attached to putting your thoughts onto paper. One of my goals this year was of start a blog. With 2 months left to spare (!), I am finally putting it into action.

Another thing to check of my list: My First Blog Post

In case you’ve use stumbled upon this space and have no clue who I am, my name is Tiffany. I was born and raised in small town (Iowa) USA, and live in New York City. I am basically the middle child, and somewhat of the black sheep, from a family 5 of girls-one older, a set of twins who are 16 months younger, and the youngest who also lives in the city. I studied Behavioral Neuroscience at the University of Iowa and was the captain of the Woman’s Track and Field team. I planned to get my PhD researching Neurogenesis….but decided to model instead.

My life in this industry has taught me soooo many things that you cannot learn in a college setting, and am I am grateful have taken this path (but it certainly hasn’t been the easiest). I took an extra semester to complete my degrees (Psychology and Biology) in school, where I was an Assistant Coach for the University’s track team. These 5 months ( and and growing up in a household with 3 younger siblings) gave me a strong desire to help others. Growing up active, and competing in intercollegiate athletics instilled a love and knowledge of health, wellness, and fitness that I cling to today.

Big-Ten Championships on our home turf at The University of Iowa. We didn’t come to play!

Some of my other areas of interest are beauty and hair. I have learned soooo much about skin and hair care since getting into this industry. For years, I chemically straightened my hair to make it more manageable and fit into societal standards of beauty. About 2 years ago, I decided to chop all of my relaxed ends of and “go natural”. In the process, I believe that I began to accept and take hold of the person I truly was. I basically had to relearn how to take care of my hair, and TRUST ME, it has been a journey. Thankfully, I have been surrounded by some of the industries best specialist and was born in an era with a wealth of knowledge online. I have always had long-ish hair, and am in the process of growing it back to the length it was before “the big chop”. I will be taking you along on my journey and giving insight on new tip, tricks,techniques, and products that are helping me reach my hair goals.

Curls poppin’ (shot by Lazaro Llanes @lazarollanescreative)

Part of the model life grind is traveling to different cities/markets to work. I have lived in Minneapolis, Miami, Los Angeles, and New York ( my personal favorite and current home base). When I lived in LA, my skin started doing things that it had NEVER done before. I dealt with painful cystic acne, dryness, uneven texture, and hyperpigmentation. During this time I learned different methods to take care of and nourish my skin. I discovered key ingredients and a regimen that I stick to today, and have since become a bit of a skincare nerd. I also got into makeup—it’s an essential part of my industry that comprises a large sector of the clients that I work with today. These last 12 months have been full of beauty, and I’ve learned some of the best tricks of the trade that I can’t wait to share!

Another thing I love to do is thrift. We live in a beautiful, but extremely wasteful world. Being a model has opened my eyes to the amount of money and material that is spent on producing garments that might only be worn once or twice. Until my eyes were opened, I used to be one of those people who wouldn’t dare be seen in the same outfit twice, but I have since embraced a circular market and more sustainable fashion. While I love new trends and occasionally splurge on fresh threads and accessories, I consistently consign my clothes and exchange them for new styles. I’ll be sharing my style and some of my favorite looks, many created from secondhand purchases.

Fun-fact: this look is 75% thrifted/secondhand. It’s amazing what you can find if you know where to look! (Shot by @lazarollanescreative
Lazaro Llanes)

This is a somewhat long-winded post, but I feel like you have a general gist of who I am and why I’ve decided to put my thoughts in a blog. I can’t wait to share my ideas, discoveries, and insights with you! You can find me on the ‘gram @TiHendricks. Stay tuned for all the Ti on health/wellness, beauty, hair, and my life in general!

Until then,

xx Tiffany

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